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China: Hua'er Festivals in the Qinghai region of Xinjiang

Contact:   Arienne M. Dwyer, The University of Kansas. Arienne Dwyer's Home Page
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Date Created:   April 2009

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This map depicts Hua'er festival locations and Deity Renewals. The data point for 'Lao ye' (Old Man) Mountain (in the Northeast of the larger basemap) contains several songs (in .mp3 format) from a festival which takes place in July; these may be found by right clicking on the point to reveal more information.

Excerpt from Hua'er meetings: dialogic song during pilgrimage (full text can be found in 'other LLMAP resources' below):
Hua'er (Mandarin Chinese Huā'ér 花儿) is a Pan-Ethnic Chinese-language dialogic song form that is performed largely in spontaneous festivals on holy mountaintops and other sites in Amdo (Northern Tibet). These annual events attract 100-40,000 people from many ethnic groups--the Amdo Tibetans, Muslim and Han Chinese, Salars, and Monguors--and they cluster around the summer solstice.

These hua'er "meetings" 花儿会, as they are known, are concentrated where the loess plains of western China meet the Tibetan plateau in northeastern Tibet, primarily in what is today southern Gansu province and southeastern Qinghai province, but also in Ningxia and Xinjiang.

The first day, or part of the first day, is devoted to prayers for auspicious events: young couples pray for the birth of a son, farmers pray for a lack of crop-destroying hailstorms and a good harvest. Depending on the site, prayers and offerings may be made at Buddhist or Daoist temples both large and small, situated in a choice location at the sacred site. If the sacred site is a mountain, then one or more temples are located at the foot of the mountain, along heavily-travelled paths partway up, and/or at various summits with commanding vistas.

For more information, read the full pdf of Hua'er meetings: dialogic song during pilgrimage (also available in other resources below).

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