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Austronesian Migrations

Source:  Cribb, Robert. 2010. Austronesian migrations. Digital Atlas of Indonesian History. Nias Press.
Date Digitized:  12 April 2011.

Map Description:
Shown here are migration routes for Austronesian-language speakers which resulted in the settlement of permanent populations. Each path has been labeled according to the estimated date that it was taken, as determined through linguistic, archaeological and ecological research. According to Cribb, the first Austronesians arrived in Taiwan around 4500 BC and from there progressed south before spreading outward (Cribb 2010). This hypothesis differs from the one currently supported by genetic research, as shown in maps such as those listed in Other Resources below.

Other Resources:
Southeast Asia: Proposed Migrations based on Genetic Analysis (HUGO Pan-Asian SNP Consortium)
Philippines: Philippine Settlement, Migration and Contact

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