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Avenues for further Austronesian Expansion Research

Map Creator:  Erin Smith
Data Sources:  Blench, Roger. 2010. Almost everything you believed about Austronesian isn't true. 13th International Conference of the European Association of Southeast Asian Archaeologists. Powerpoint.

Blench, Roger. 2010. Remapping the Austronesian Expansion.
Date Created:  20 April 2011.

Map Description:
This map presents a series of hypothesized migration routes undertaken by Austronesian language speakers stretching back as far as 6000 BP. In his festschrift, "Remapping the Austronesian Expansion", Blench discusses the need to diversify the areas of the world examined in Austronesian studies, and each of the paths represented here are indicative of areas where possible (or documented) links have been established through archaeological, linguistic or biological research (Blench). In the feature info pane for each of the more controversial figures, a brief note has been added regarding the manner of the evidence that Blench cites. As he states, further study should be taken on in order to verify or invalidate these claims.