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Ancient Greek Dialects

Source: Woodard, Roger (ed). 2004. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient languages. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Buck, C.D. 2008. The Greek Dialects. Duckworth Press. Wikipedia

Date Downloaded: 10 October 2008

Map Description:
This map collects all information available on the geographic location of the dialects of Classical Greek. It includes only areas where colonization was extensive, and does not show many smaller settlements. Since no one map included all the regions shown here, the map is an amalgamation of material from a number of different source, of which the The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the World's Ancient languages is primary.

Note: This map is based upon georeferenced image data. Slight imperfections are an inevitable result of the registration process. View original image(s) to see the unaltered map(s).