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Austro-Hungarian Empire, 1867-1914

Source:  Magocsi, Paul Robert. 2002. Historical Atlas of Central Europe. Seattle: University of Washington Press.
Contact:  University of Washington Press
Date Digitized:  03 June 2011

Map Description:
This map shows the political boundaries of the Austro-Hungarian Empire between 1867, the year of its formation, and 1914. The Hungarian Kingdom included 71 administrative regions called counties. The non-Hungarian part of the Empire, which came to be known as Austria, consisted of 17 provinces, or crownlands.
In 1878 the Habsburgs were granted permission to occupy the Ottoman provinces Bosnia/Bosna and Herzegovina/Hersek, and Austria annexed Bosnia-Herzegovina as a single province in 1908. From 1867-1908 there were also Habsburg troops in the Sanjak (District) of Novi Pazar, a territory between Montenegro and Serbia.
The region labeled Galicia* is believed to belong to the province of Galicia, but it has been given a different shade of blue to reflect the coloration of the original map. No explanation for this distinction has been found.

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