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Belorussian Dialect Groups

Source:  Mayo, Peter. 1993. Belorussian. The Slavonic Languages, ed. by Bernard Comrie and Grenville G. Corbett, 887-946. London:, New York: Routledge.
Date Digitized:  July 2011

Map Description:
Classifications of the Belorussian dialects tend to agree on dividing them into the north-eastern group and the south-western group. This map shows these two large groups subdivided further; the north-eastern group comprises the Polack group and the Vicebsk-Malihëŭ group, whereas the south-western group comprises the Brèst-Pinsk group, the Western group and the Sluck-Babrujsk-Mazyr group. The band of central dialects shown, which lies between these two major groups, is considered to be transitional.

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