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Atlas of the Arctic: Ethnic Map

Source:  Bruk, S.I. 1985. "Ethnic Map". Atlas of the Arctic, ed. by Treshnikov, A.F., 146. Moscow: Main Administration of Geodetics and Cartography under the Council of Ministers of the USSR

Date Digitized:  July 2011

Map Description:
"[This map] illustrates the placement of minorities (indigenous peoples of the region) and also newer groups, comprising at the present time a predominant part of the population. The character of the settlement of ethnic groups gives an idea about the ongoing processes of intermixing, which is an important factor in ethnic processes."

The map as presented in Atlas of the Arctic is compiled from a number of sources, including: Map of the Peoples of the USSR (MAGC, 1981); Map of Population Density (MAGC, 1979); Map of the Peoples of Europe (MAGC, 1969); Map of the World's Peoples and Population Density (MAGC, 1979); Canadian Statistical Yearbook.

Note that due to the significant discrepancy between the original map's azimuthal polar projection and LL-MAP's WGS 84/Mercator projections, some fidelity loss and major distortion is inevitable.

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