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Austronesian Languages in Taiwan (Formosa)

Source: Blundell, David (ed.). 2010. "ECAI Pacific Language Mapping Project". Accessed 29-Jul-2011.
Data Source: Hattori, Shiro & Stephen A Worm (eds.). 1983. "No. 67: Language Atlas of the Pacific Area, Part 2: Japan Area, Taiwan (Formosa), Philippines, Mainland and Insular South-East Asia, Series C", Pacific Linguistics. Canberra: Australian National University, School of Pacific Studies.

Date Digitized: July 2011

Map Description:
This map provides a depiction of the Austronesian languages spoken in Taiwan. It is difficult to illustrate the complex relationships between the languages and the original map is deficient in its explanation. It can be assumed that the four main groups of similarly-colored regions are related, but at what level and to what extent it is hard to determine.

The speaker number/language conservation status (extinct, endangered) is included and was harvested from the 1978 data.

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