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Australia: Pidgins, Creoles and Lingua Francas

 Data Source:
"Pacific Pidgins and Creoles: Composite". The LINGUIST List MultiTree Language Database

Tryon, Darrell. 2007. Australia:Time of Contact. Atlas of the World's Languages, ed. by R. E. Asher and Christopher Moseley, 131. Oxford: Routledge.

Date Digitized:  August 2011

Map Description:
European settlers triggered the emergence of Australian Pidgin because there was a need for communication between these settlers and the Australian Aborigines. In some specific areas of Australia (as shown on this map) the pidgin has creolized to give Australian creoles. At some points along the east coast Queensland Canefields English is spoken, which sugar-cane plantation labourers developed and used. This map shows the distribution of these pidgins and creoles as well as the movements of lingua francas within Australia.

This original map was made by vectorizing data from the MultiTree language database and the Atlas of the World's Languages.

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