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Ainu Dialects

 Hattori, Shirô and Chiri, Mashiho. 1983. "Ainu Area: Hokkaidō and Southern Sakhalin". Language Atlas of the Pacific Area, ed. by Wurm, S.A., and Shirô Hattori. Canberra: Australian Academy of the Humanities in collaboration with the Japan Academy.

Contact:  S.A. Wurm, Australian Steering Committee

Date Digitized:
  March 2012

Map Description:
​Drs. Chiri and Hattori investigated 15 dialects of Ainu from the glottochronological point of view from 1954 to 1956. All of the informants were the last surviving speaker or speakers of their dialect. Some informants spoke Ainu fluently, but others were unable to remember several words during the elicitation. All informants were dead by the time of publication in 1983.

This map shows each of the dialects and the percentage of shared vocabulary to Japanese.

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