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Aboriginal Languages of Australia with Treatises on Grammar/Phonology

Source: Oates, William J., and Lynette Frances Oates. 1970. A revised linguistic survey of Australia. Canberra: Australian Institute of Aboriginal Studies
Adapted from a basic classification prepared in 1966 by G.N. O'Grady, S.A. Wurm, and K.L. Hale; drawn by R.M. Watt for the Dept. of Linguistics, Univeristy of Victoria, B.C., Canada.
Data Source: Modified with information from the MultiTree database
Usage Notes/Copyright Status: Copyright Protected

Date Digitized: 2009

Map Description:
This map shows the amount of grammar/phonology information that was available on aboriginal languages in Australia. This map is based on the map prepared by Oates and Oates and supplemented with information from the following source: "Languages of the World: Indo-Pacific Fascicle Six" by Geoffrey N. O'Grady and C.F. and F.M. Voegelin, as well as information from the MultiTree database on language relationships.

Other resources related to this project:
Capell, A. "Languages of Arnhem Land, North Australia," (1942). Oceania, XIII. 24-49.

O'Grady, Geoffrey N. and C.F. and F.M. Voegelin. (1966). "Languages of the World: Indo-Pacific Fascicle Six," Anthropological Linguistics, 8:2, 1966.

Tindale, Norman B. (1940). Map of Aboriginal Tribes of Australia, Adelaide.

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