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Approximate Area of Bantu Nasal Harmony

Source: Greenberg, Joseph Harold. 1951. "Vowel and nasal harmony in Bantu languages." Revue Congolaise 8.813–20.

Date Digitized: May 2012

Map Description:
This work outlines the region of southern Africa where Bantu languages are spoken, and highlights the area where these languages make use of nasal harmony, a phenomenon in which some affixes have alternative forms to use when the root contains a nasal sound. In the case of the Bantu languages, it can be observed with either a nasalized vowel or a consonant. Greenberg uses this map to support his hypothesis regarding whether or not this may have been a trait inherited from Proto-Bantu or if it was introduced in another way (Greenberg). Outside of Africa, this form of harmony is heard in many other languages, including Guaraní and Aguaruna.

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