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Dynasties in North-West Africa, 757 to 976

Source:  Freeman-Grenville, Greville Stewart Parker, and Lorraine Kessel. 1993. Historical Atlas of the Middle East, 35. New York: Simon & Schuster.

Date Digitized:   June 2012

Project/Map Description:
This map depicts various Muslim dynasties in northwestern Africa between the eighth and tenth centuries. Two Berber groups, the Midrarites and the Rustamids, dominated the region of Sijilmasa during this time. At the same time, and Idrisid dynasty, which was started by Idris ibn Abdallah, governed the region of Fez from 788 until 974. The Aghlabids, in turn, controlled what is now Tunisia and part of Algeria between the years of 800 and 909; they also conquered Sicily, Malta, and Sardinia during this period.

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