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Atlas of Medieval Europe: Barbarian Migrations in the 5th century

Source: Brown, Thomas S. 1997. Barbarian Migrations. Atlas of Medieval Europe, ed. by Angus MacKay and David Ditchburn. London and New York: Routledge.

Date Digitized: June 2012

Map Description:
This map depicts barbarian migration routes in Europe during the 5th century CE. Peoples involved are as follows: Visigoths; Ostrogoths; Alans, Vandals, and Suevi; Burgundians; Franks; Picts; Scots; Anglo-Saxons; Berbers; Huns. Remnants of the Roman Empire are also shown, namely the border of the empire extent in 305 CE and two remaining enclaves in present-day France. The author notes that all 'invasion' routes are approximate.

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