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Distribution of Khoisan lineages in the early colonial period

Source:   Güldemann, Tom. 2006. Structural isoglosses between Khoekhoe and Tuu: the Cape as a linguistic area. Linguistic areas: convergence in historical and typological perspective, ed. by Yaron Matras, April McMahon, and Nigel Vincent, 99-134. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.
Date Digitized:  July 2012

Map Description:
This map depicts the distribution of Khoisan languages in the early colonial period. During this time, southern Africa hosted two genetically unrelated language groups: Khoe (Central Khoisan), which belongs to the Khoe-Kwadi family; and Tuu (Southern Khoisan), which has been placed with Ju (Northern Khoisan) and ǂHõa, a language isolate, in a non-genetic typological grouping called Non-Khoe on the basis of morphosyntactic similarities.

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