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Distribution of Common Australian Vocabulary Reflexes

Source: Wurm, S.A. 1972. Languages of Australia and Tasmania. The Hague: Mouton.

Date Digitized: July 2012

Map Description:
A new Approach to Australian Linguistics (Capell 1956) established a a series of at least fifty proto-forms which have potential descendents (reflexes) in languages throughout Australia. This body of vocabulary is referred to as "Common Australian". This map shows the presence of these vocabulary items in various regions of the Australian continent, describing how many Common Australian proto-forms have been identified as reflexes in Australain languages. Assuming that the presence of Common Australian vocabulary items is evidence for a typological relationship, this map can be used as a basis for further research into Australian historical linguistics, particularly when combined with structural information.

The details of this map reveal that the majority of Common Australian reflexes are located in the Wati group in the states of Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and South Australia. The presence of reflexes remains high throughout these states and is also high among the Wiradjuric family of central New South Wales. From these families and regions, the presence of Common Australian reflexes gradually weakens.

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