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Kuy speakers in Cambodia

Map Creators:   Ken Gregerson (ICC/SIL), Feikje Vander Haak (SIL), Ho Hunt (WV), Noel Mann (SIL), Linda Markowski (SIL), and Pailin Phomngam
Source:   Mann, Noel and Markowski, Linda. 1995. A Rapid Appraisal Survey of Kuy Dialects Spoken in Cambodia, 6. SIL International.
Contact:   Noel Mann and Linda Markowski, SIL International

Date Created:   2005

Map Description:
This map is the result of a rapid appraisal survey of Kuy dialects in Cambodia that took place during March 2002. This research was conducted in order to gain a broad overview of the dialects and basic sociolinguistic factors among the Kuy (Mann and Markowski 2005: 5)

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