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Area Where Pushto, Baluchi & Brahui are Spoken (Breton)

Source: Breton, Roland J.L. 1997. Atlas of the Languages and Ethnic Communities of South Asia. New Delhi: Sage Publications.

Date Digitized: August 2012

Map Description:
This map depicts the areas where Pushto, Baluchi & Brahui are spoken. These languages are spoken in an area that spans from Turkmenistan to India, and includes dialects spoken mainly in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Both Pushto and Baluchi are Indo-Iranian languages, which are a part of the Indo-Aryan subgroup of Indo-European languages. Brahui, however, is a Dravidian language, and is linguistically linked to those languages spoken in southern India. The portion of Pakistan where Brahui is spoken is completely surrounded by Baluchi and bordered by Pushto to the north and east.

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