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Australia Prehistory

Source: Wurm, S.A. 1972. Languages of Australia and Tasmania. The Hague: Mouton.

Date Digitized: August 2012

Map Description:
The languages of Australia are extremely diverse and their origins are relatively obscure. No relationship has yet been determined between the languages of Australia and those of any other region, excluding a number of possible loanwords from Papuan languages in northern Australia.

Relationships between Australian languages show that even within the same continent there is extreme diversity. This map shows 31 distinct language families in Australia, as well as groups and subgroups within those families, where applicable. The majority of these language families are located in the far northern part of the Northern Territory, and do not seem to bear definitive similarities to one another, forming a linguistically dense and diverse region. The majority of Australia, however, is taken up by the large Pama-Nyungan family, which is itself diverse, and consists of many subgroups, including the large Southwest Group in Western Australia, Southern Australia, and parts of the Northern Territory and the Paman Group in north Queensland.

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