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Dogon Villages in Mali and Burkina Faso (Endonyms, Exonyms, and Primary Language Spoken)

Map Creator:   Jeff Heath
Source:   GPS Coordinate Data and Dogon and Bangime Linguistics
Contact:   Jeff Heath, University of Michigan, Dogon and Bangime Linguistics
Usage Notes/Copyright Status:   GPS Coordinate Data provided by Jeff Heath on behalf of the Dogon project.
Date Created:   9 July 2010

Map Description:
According to the Dogon Languages project website, approximately twenty Dogon languages exist, but due to terrain and climate, many villages have not yet been suitably surveyed. This map shows villages (listed by endonym and exonym) as well as the dominant language variety of each surveyed village; see the Dogon and Bangime Linguistics website for more information.

Each map in this series contains a high quality satellite relief map which will appear as the user zooms in and may take some time to load.