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Arawán in South America at the Time of Contact

Data Source:
Kaufman, Terrence. 2007. South America. Atlas of the World's Languages, ed. by R. E. Asher and Christopher Moseley, 82-92. Oxford: Routledge.

"Macro-Arawakan: Kaufman 2007". MultiTree: A Digital Library of Language Relationships

Date Digitized: July 2010

Map Description:
The areas pictured display locations of where Arawán languages were spoken when they were first encountered and knowledge of them was recorded. As specified in Asher and Moseley, the time of contact varied for each language; most of the coastal languages were first identified during the 16th and 17th centuries, although some languages in the interior of South America became known much more recently during the 20th century (Kaufman 2007).

This original map was made by vectorizing data from the MultiTree language database and the Atlas of the World's Languages.

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This folder (Central and South America: Time of Contact) contains other maps showing linguistic subgroups and their time of contact. The maps may be overlaid on each other for a more complete picture.